Social Responsibility Towards Community


IMCOSA accepts a role in taking co-responsibility for trying to achieve greater social justice and in sharing our resources and knowledge with less privileged groups and individuals. While we support various organisations in different ways, our main focus is on the following organisation at present:

Educo Africa is a youth development organisation that was started in 1994. Educo uses wilderness experiential learning as a profound platform for young people to discover and experience their inherent potential. In a second phase, Educo Africans become part of a youth movement supporting them in living their potential, with a specific focus on securing livelihood and increasing social and environmental wellbeing. Educo's vision is for young people to understand their roles as powerful agents of change - actively, confidently and positively contributing towards a better global community. Educo's mission is to develop in young South Africans a sense of vision, initiative, contribution and personal responsibility, with emphasis on taking charge of the future through active citizenship and community building, collaborative leadership, a spirit of Ubuntu, and care for the environment. For more information, please visit

We have access to a diverse range of causes that we support directly or indirectly, please let us know should you have a relevant interest, we're always keen to explore further possibilities!