Why Choose IMCOSA?

When we scrutinise potential suppliers, we like to focus on the following points, and we ask you to do the same:

Basis of Cooperation

South Africa is a sought-after destination for holiday makers, students, work seekers and business owners, investors and retirees. The country's beauty and attractions are probably known to you (further information under “About / Contact Us”). However, you might also have heard of the difficulty of attaining the relevant residence visa, the problem of receiving conflicting and unreliable information from authorities and other information sites, the challenges surrounding the choice of the appropriate visa category, the preparation of the relevant application and the execution of the application process……

In this light and with regards to the importance of a successful visa application and relocation process, you wish to engage the services of a reputable and professional consulting firm specialising in these areas. So far, so good.

Services Offered

This should be quite simple: if you require a residence visa and related immigration services, and you wish to stay in South Africa for longer than 3 months, IMCOSA is the company to speak to. This is our area of expertise and it is what we are best at, and we are one of the first and one of the few companies entirely focused on these services.

Details of Service Delivery / Success Record

Being in the industry for many years, we have had ample time to analyse our own work processes and those of the relevant authorities. Over all these years we have scrutinised our work flow and our interaction with the public departments, to come up with the most efficient way to achieve our all-important goal: the success of your visa application and your relocation to South Africa.

Not only are we specialised on visa and immigration services, our consultants are furthermore specialised on their specific visa and permit categories, i.e. work, set-up of own business, retirement, studies, investment, accompanying family….. We like to think that we have the processes pretty much down to a tee by now.

So much so, in fact, that we look back at a unique and outstanding success rate of close to 100% regarding our visa applications. In view of our confidence in our service delivery, we will gladly reach an individual agreement with you whereby IMCOSA fees will be reimbursed should your submitted application not be successful.

Another item we focus on extensively within our service delivery is our personal interaction with the client - something we hope you’ll come to appreciate in future.

Personal Background

Since a company is generally only as good as its founders and controllers, a useful question to ask when choosing a service provider is “who’s behind this?” In our case the person responsible for starting up IMCOSA and continuously controlling work flows and service levels is Julia Willand. Invaluable input comes from all employees, and on a managerial level specifically from the Head of Consulting and Immigration Practitioner Nicola van Rensburg. See also Management overview for further information.


  Julia Willand

  Assessor Iuris, Immigration Practitioner
  Founder & Director


Julia was born in Germany and completed most of her schooling in South Africa. She holds both German and South African citizenships. She ended her schooling with an A-level diploma in Cologne, Germany, and subsequently studied law in Freiburg and Berlin. She achieved her qualification as an attorney at law in Berlin in the year 1999.

Julia Willand has worked in organisations such as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) and the Zentralstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. During the course of the GTZ-Project "Law Reform in Latin America" she contributed to advice to the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in La Paz, Bolivia.

In the year 2000 Julia joined a consulting firm in Cape Town, South Africa, where she founded and headed the immigration department. Five years later she started the specialised immigration and visa consulting company IMCOSA.

Julia is a registered Immigration Practitioner with the Department of Home Affairs. From April 2003 to November 2007, she served on the national Immigration Advisory Board, which advises the Minister of Home Affairs. Between 2003 and 2006, she served as co-director of the Association of Immigration Practitioners of South Africa (AIPSA). She has been an active and valued member of the Management Committee of the Western Cape Practitioners’ Forum since its establishment in 2005, and of the Forum of Immigration Practitioners (FIPSA) since its founding in 2006.

In August 2004, Julia represented South Africa in beach volleyball at the Olympic Games in Athens. This was the first time an African beach volleyball team had qualified for the Olympics.

The same dedication, professionalism and vitality that accompanied Julia’s education, career and achievements in the sport of beach volleyball have become a trademark of IMCOSA’s form of service delivery.

Happy with what you have read? Does IMCOSA sound like the right partner regarding your migration to South Africa?

If so, receive a free assessment or contact us to get the ball rolling, we will gladly get the process on the way.