Relocation Assistance South Africa

Home Rental and Property Purchase

Besides visa and immigration services individuals and businesses will regularly require assistance with relocation procedures. IMCOSA is able to assist in the following areas amongst others:

  • Liaison with clients before their arrival in South Africa to establish housing and child education requirements.
  • Supply of short-term accommodation and other solutions where this is required.
  • Advice on where to settle, what schools to look at, on details of day-to-day living and what to consider in specific cases.
  • Supply of transport solutions.
  • Sourcing of furniture, appliances, communication equipment (telephone, fax, internet) and other household requirements.
  • Any other specific moving requirements you may have.

Our partners Sue and Darren have been in the Relocation and Property business for many years now, we'll be happy to introduce you to them and get your moval going as efficiently as possible. Should you wish to rent or purchase property from leading South African property agencies - we have all the contacts you require!

Finance & Taxes

South Africa has a double taxation agreement with most European countries (including the UK and Netherlands), the US and certain other nations. In most cases this prevents a citizen of one of these countries living in South Africa from being taxed in both countries. However, when relocating to South Africa, there are a number of relevant tax questions that should be considered and which require individual consultation. Pensions and retirement income are generally not taxed in South Africa.

Taking up permanent residence in South Africa does not automatically lead to a local tax liability with regards to the foreigner’s worldwide income. Whether or not a foreigner becomes a tax resident and thereby liable to declare his/her worldwide income in South Africa can depend on one of two factors. Firstly, if the person’s life centres around South Africa, i.e. the person "returns to South Africa from his/her travels" ("ordinary residence"), this may lead to a tax residence status here. Alternatively, the number of days the person has sojourned in South Africa over a certain period of time (so-called "time-rule") will determine the tax residence status. None of these factors are directly connected to the immigration status. In certain cases, however, there may be a connection, and obtaining thorough professional advice in this regard is recommended.

Contact us if you require assistance in this regard.

Employment Services

IMCOSA will gladly provide you with an indication of your professional chances on the local labour market, which can be followed by in-depth advice, support and the actual placement by relevant experts. We are proud to work together with Initiate International in this regard, and we'll be happy to arrange an initial assessment for your recruitment process!


As is the case in countries all over the world, it is advisable to take up necessary insurance in South Africa. General information regarding local medical aid provisions can be found under Immigration Topics. Should you require detailed advice we will gladly arrange a consultation with the insurance specialist.