Visa Services for Individuals

At IMCOSA, our immigration and visa consultants are experts in handling a broad range of visa application processes for individuals wishing to immigrate to South Africa from variety of countries. With visa services designed for applicants from the UK, Europe, America, Asia and many parts of Africa, we are well versed in the nuances and requirements pertaining to each country of origin.

Visa types for South African temporary and permanent residence include:

Applications can be submitted within South Africa or your current country of residence. For an initial free assessment, submit your details below, or call us to get in touch with our immigration consultants in South Africa.

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Our Visa Services in Detail: Hands-on Support for Successful Applications

As South Africa's premier visa and immigration consulting firm, we focus solely on the success of your immigration visa application through extensive process management, support and advice. We are proud to provide our individual and corporate clients with decades of experience and a distinguished success record regarding all visa applications.

No matter the reason for your immigration to South Africa, we know full well the importance that pertains to each individual’s successful visa application. Immigration Consulting South Africa offers a valuable support system for applicants and can assist with all areas of visa and other immigration services. 

Some of our visa application and immigration services include:

  • Consultation in respect of the appropriate visa or permit type and respective requirements
  • Professional documentation and information guidance
  • Coordination of certification and translation of supporting documents
  • Application for evaluation of applicant’s qualifications by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)
  • Completing online and physical application forms
  • Drafting of relevant correspondence and motivations
  • Arranging for the import of pets
  • Booking of appointments with VFS (Visa Facilitation Services)
  • Accompanying clients to submission of applications and interviews (depending on the region of submission)
  • Close monitoring of the application process and its timely completion
  • Collection of the visa or permit (depending on the region of submission)
  • Various other immigration services that can include movals and property advice for new South African residents.
  • Specialized services such as Immigration services for corporates

We also provide a range of specialised services for those looking to work or to start a business in South Africa, including:

  • Facilitation of chartered accountant’s certificates
  • Drafting of business plans
  • Registration of companies through our partners
  • Obtaining recommendations by the Departments of Trade and Industry or Labour
  • Advising on Employment Equity Plans (EEP) and Workplace Skills Plans (WSP)
  • Liaising with future employers / employees
  • Coordinating the placement of newspaper & media adverts

Our experienced South African immigration consultants are personally invested in the success of each visa application and in securing an ideal start for you in South Africa.

IMCOSA is a privately owned immigration & legal consulting firm. All work is overseen by qualified immigration practitioners registered with the Dept of Home Affairs. We are not affiliated with the South African government. IMCOSA consultants advise each client individually on the details and intricacies of the process involved. An application for South African residence does not prescribe the use of representation ( IMCOSA does not charge for the provision of application forms. The forms can also be collected free of charge at the Dept of Home Affairs.